ADAMS: Pits of spikes were a common means of killing.  In fact, it was not Burr’s shot that felled Hamilton in their notorious duel, but rather the large pit of sharpened poles that Hamilton fell into when he arrived at the site.  Pits of spikes were not actually illegal in the District of Columbia until 1975.

HARRISON: Even though the Loco Moco didn’t appear publicly in Hawaii until the 1940s, Queen Liliuokalani had always had access to the closely guarded royal secret that was the Loco Moco.  In a last ditch attempt to stave off annexation, Liliuokalani ordered the combination of beef patty, fried egg, rice, and gravy to be served to Harrison at a State Dinner.  Harrison, rather than dying from the overwhelming Calorie load, demanded another one be fed to him.  Hawaii was doomed.

COOLIDGE: The Soviets actually had no interest in killing Coolidge.  Sending the Killbot after him was merely an attempt to test out their advances in windup technology.  After developing a clapping duck and a cymbal toting bear, the miniature killbot was a logical step.  Unfortunately for the Soviets, the killbot, unable to recognize the edges of tables, fell to his end moments after being placed on Coolidge’s nightstand.  No further attempts were made on “Silent Cal”.

Also, because I was a space-case last week, here is last week’s RUMPUS cartoon.